you are the redwood

Join us as we celebrate you and honour our neighbours who make our shelter – and our world – a better place.

Imagine for a moment the four walls of our shelter extending out into our incredible neighbourhood. In this year, more than ever, we are connecting with the people, families and businesses that make the Parkdale-High Park community a place to cherish.

We love our neighbourhood! And the best way to honour our history is to take seriously the responsibility and privilege to make our neighbourhood even better for those who follow us.

The people you will meet on these pages, people like you, are doing just that.


Executive Director

"A truly great neighbourhood is, at the same time, bigger than any one person but also requires each person to give it love, attention and respect.
For every life that is changed in our shelter, there is a neighbour on the outside who makes it happen."

Families from our neighbourhood and across the city turn to The Redwood, looking for a safe place to escape abuse. And each and every woman is scared for herself and her children. Last year, you helped 146 women and children leave violent homes, and find safe haven here at our shelter.


Safe Haven monthly donor and Legacy Circle member

"I enjoy knowing I make a difference in the lives of women and children fleeing abuse. I am honoured to be part of The Redwood working to end violence against women. I feel good knowing my gifts go directly to services for women and their children."

Donors like Carmen who have included a gift to The Redwood in their will are making an investment in the lives of women and children as they begin futures free from violence. Every gift in every will makes a significant difference, no matter how large or small!


Indian Kiss, Take Home Indian Food

"We love hosting our school drive. There is something special knowing that this pen or backpack helps a child feel comfortable and confident.

And these school supplies are the very things moms at The Redwood don't have to worry about."

With your help, The Redwood offers women and children a safe place to stay, nutritious meals, and the basics they need — like clothing, diapers or school supplies — while they are getting their lives back on track.


Women on the Move

"I feel good about building and developing my skills as a female leader in today's society.

I learn about how just by being myself, I can contribute to my world around me. And I gain personal skills for my future."

Our Women on the Move Youth Group is now 12 inspiring young women strong! Your support provides youth and women with the opportunity to develop confidence, leadership skills and self-esteem, while helping others address violence against women. Women on the Move connected with 1,500 women providing 98 workshops on recognzing early warning signs of abuse.

Laura, Megan and Timothy

Scooter Girl Toys

"In our toy store, sometimes the hardest choice a kid makes is to buy a pink ball or red ball. I imagine the kids at the shelter face very different concerns. We are proud to give back. And give back locally!"

Last year, 75% of the children staying at our emergency shelter were under 6 years old. Our supporters help children and youth rebuild the self-esteem and skills they need to break the cycle of violence through art and play therapy, counselling, and after-school tutoring.


Children's Program Volunteer

"I'm so grateful that the children and mothers enjoy our music class. And I get personal satisfaction knowing I am helping families in a difficult time. Being a parent is one of the biggest challenges a person will face. I'm happy to do my part!"

We couldn't do what we do without the help of our dedicated volunteers – this year, 91 volunteers contributed their time and talent, spending over 4,000 hours helping give women and children hope for their brilliant, bright future.


High Park Library

"The books and materials we bring to The Redwood residents, and the story times and visits our library staff lead, help build a lifelong love of reading for The Redwood families, and help to build community and connection."

Collaborating with local organizations to share resources and expertise is so important – together, we are so much more effective in helping women and children change their lives.

Dori and Rob

Donors since 2002

"When I was 7 my family was going through a rough spot - a local charity made sure there was a box delivered for Christmas with something for each one of us. This has really stuck with me and taught me the value of giving." — Dori

"Our community is stronger because of the remarkable work of The Redwood! We are constantly amazed at the joy

and skill of the staff and sophistication of the methods and ideas you bring to your efforts." — Rob

Every single gift we receive is precious. Whether you give through our Safe Haven monthly giving program or give what you can when you can, every gift supports women and children in our shelter.

Eddy, Michael and Rico

The Mascot

"We believe a mutually supportive community is crucial for any neighbourhood to flourish.

Our café, art gallery and community space is a platform to nurture the growth of neighbourhood culture. We are proud to support The Redwood."

The support of all our neighbours — businesses, groups, individuals and families — enriches lives each and every day.

Anthea Windsor Legacy Society 2011-2012

Carmen Joye Allen
Dan Cornacchia and Mary Connolly
Anne-Marie Gardner
Goldie Lewis
Emma Lewzey
Daniella (LaGiglia) Mailing and Lucas Mailing
Deborah MacFarlane
Sonia Pinkney and David Giesbrecht
Anthea Windsor

Symbol of Hope Donor Circle

Inspiring Forever
The Cranery Foundation
Green Shield Canada Foundation
Suzanne Pavelick
Royal LePage Shelter Foundation
Ensuring They Soar
Corpfinance International Limited
The Jean Rich Foundation
Helping To Fly
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
The Bras Family Foundation
Brock Early Learning Centre
Canadian Tire Stockyards & Jumpstart
Canadian Women's Foundation
Randy Cousins
International Financial Data Services
 (Canada) Limited
McLean Smits Family Foundation
Postmedia Raise-a-Reader
Primaris REIT, Dufferin Mall and ICSC
REALTORS Care Foundation
Giving Wings
Mary Beth Currie
Donald F. Hunter Charitable Foundation
Estate of Helen Allen Stacey
Kingsway-Lambton United Church
KPMG Management Services LP
Teresa Lee
Nancy Marini
The McLean Foundation
Symbol of Hope
The Bennett Family Foundation
Dori Burchat and Rob Emery
CAW - Social Justice Fund
Peter Chauvin and Shelagh McPherson
Dana Clarence
Doug Clark
Richard Clarke
Clouse Family Fund
Heather Conway
Dan and Mary Cornacchia Charitable Fund at
 the Toronto Community Foundation
The Mark Daniels and Andrea Weissman-
 Daniels Charitable Foundation
Daniels Capital Group
B.J. Danylchuk
Lonti Ebers
Four Seasons Hotels Limited
Greg and Karen Geatros
Heather Hatch
Heather Hisey and Paul Jarvis
Judy Hunter
Insurance Brokers of Toronto Region
Trinity Jackman
Karen and Donald Lang
Ken Latvanen
Jeff Leblanc
Anish and Shalini Makim
Nola Martin
Maya Mavjee, Henry Jackman
Diane Mavrinac-Ross
Martha McCain
Pearl McKeen
Alison McLean
Diane Morgan
Moveable Inc and Moveable Online
Andrew Munn
Cindy Ng
Al Orlando
Paloma Foundation
Etienne Phaneuf
Sonia Pinkney and David Giesbrecht
Maureen Procter
Quantum Remediation, A Division of
 Quantum Murray LP
Kim Rapagna
Rotary Club of East York
Donna Rutherford
Samuel, Son & Co., Limited
Tom Schmidt and Joan MacDonald
Spar Roofing and Metal Supplies
Sybil Taylor
Jo ten Brummeler
Nick Thadaney
Mike Warren
Phyllis Waters
Anthea Windsor


Safe Haven Monthly Donors

Britt Adams-Lowe
Abi Ajibolade
Carmen Allen
Donia Andrew
Mohini Athia
Donna Baines
Christina Bergen
Andrew Botterell
Sonya Bourgeois
Denise Brunsdon
Isabelle Chow
Veronica Cizmar
James Clark
Richard Clarke
Laurel Coish
Heather Conway
Stella Cybruch
Allison Dellandrea
Camille DePutter
Lucie Devault
Ertha Downey
Diane and Richard Dowsett
Suzanne Duncan
Nira Elgueta
Mary Fantauzzi
Anne-Marie Gardner
Eugenie Gardner
Michael Gardner
Greg Geatros
Esther and Norm Giesbrecht
Sharon Gilbert
Sara Glencross
Barbara Gordon
Maureen Hamilton
Denise Hammond
Avon Harris
Victoria Houston
Judy Hunter
Dafna Izenberg
Trinity Jackman
Hossen Jamal
Myriam Jarsky
Saskia Kessler
Didi Khayatt
Julie Kinnear
Wendy Kopplin
Merida Lake
Tannisha Lambert
Mary Jane Lennon
Maureen Lennon
Emma Lewzey
Peggy and John Lewzey
Daniella (LaGiglia) Mailing
April Manahan
Nola Martin
Stephanie McAulay
Priscilla McLellan
Myles Meyers
Edward Miller
Rebecca Moershel
Andrew Munro and Jennifer Scott
Susan Murphy
Nicole Nedescu
Heather Nelson
Sophie Nunnelley
Evelynn Ogwang
Nicolasa Padua
Kate Parizeau
Konrad Pichal
Colin Pinkney
David Pinkney
Sonia Pinkney and David Giesbrecht
Christie Potts
Sally-Ann Powell
Ingrid Randoja
Kim Rapagna
Tom Schmidt and Joan MacDonald
Lisa Smecca
Leonie Smith
Susan Smith
Valeisha Sobhee
April Stuart
Sybil Taylor
Lorraine Telford
Jo ten Brummeler
Lahoma Thomas
Susan Ungurean - Cumming
Margo Valliant
Jennifer Veenboer
Donna Vogel
Althea Whyte
Norm Wilner
Anthea Windsor
Etagegnhue Woldeab
Carol Wolfson
David Woodard

…And our donors who wish to remain anonymous.

2011-12 Board of Directors

Carmen Allen
Nira Elgueta
Dafna Izenberg
Daniella (LaGiglia) Mailing
Andrew G. Munro
Anthea Windsor
David Woodard

Gimme Shelter 2012

Event Committee
Lisa Pearson and Courtney Glen, Co-chairs
Diana Arajs
Dori Burchat
Angela Cloutier
Angie Gei
Brynn Lackie
Lauren Lackie
Teresa Lee
Martha Leonard
Erika Mozes
Suzie Mukherjee
Margaret Riley
David Simmonds
Sonja Smits
Jessica Spence
Andrea Wesissman-Daniels
Presenting Sponsor
Gold Sponsor
Bronze Sponsor
Sionna Investment Managers
Union Gas
Event Partners
James Arthurs Photography
DT Print Solutions
Southbrook Vineyards
St. Andres
Stratus Vineyards

Statement of Revenue

Year Ended March 31

Revenue 2012 2011
Ministry of Community
and Social Services(Note6)
$1,231,793 $1,360,895
Fundraising 428,165 401,285
Bequests -- 154,000
United Way Toronto 176,122 174,122
City of Toronto -
personal needs allowance
31,822 28,407
Status of Women Canada
and Trillium Grants
181,131 195,807
Interest and Other 14,504 12,876
$2,063,446 $2,327,392

Statement of Expenses

Year Ended March 31

Expenses 2012 2011
Salaries, benefits and
staff development
1,431,391 1,368,842
Occupancy 145,074 138,113
Repairs, maintenance and
minor capital - MCSS funded
42,770 171,975
Fundraising 51,069 40,525
Minor furniture and equipment 18,100 12,152
Office and general 21,583 22,189
Professional 53,268 55,955
Professional - Status of Women
Canada and Trillium
28,461 43,237
Program 198,873 163,200
Personal needs allowance - City of Toronto 31,822 28,407
Promotion and publicity 22,785 27,769
Special projects 3,026 36,636
Volunteer 12,204 11,698
2,060,426 2,120,698
Excess of revenue over expenses
from operations
3,020 206,694
Amortization of capital assets 68,806 74,983
(Deficiency) excess of revenue over
expenses for the year
-$65,786 $131,711

you are the redwood

With your support last year, The Redwood took more crisis calls and welcomed more women and children into our shelter than ever before.

Thank you, so, so much.

The Redwood's Women on the Move project is supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and Status of Women Canada. The Redwood's operations are funded in part by the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services and United Way Toronto.
Charitable No: 89172 8867 RR0001